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 Rappelz-Vertex Shader Error


Q: I can't get game to load, keep getting "Rappelz-Vertex Shader Error Failed to create grass vertex shader". I have directX 11 installed and I've already tried reinstalling game. What should I do?

A: the error "Rappelz-Vertex Shader Error Failed to create grass vertex shader" usually the video card being used does not support vertex or pixelshaders, but also could be a DirectX version side.

If you're running the game on a full screen try to set it to a windowed mode and give it a try. And if it's on a windowed mode, try to reduce the sizes to match your screen resolution or lower.

To set the game in a Windowed mode please navigate to the game folder and find the file called "rappelz_v1.opt" depending on your file explorer setting in your computer you may not see the extensions in that case the file name will be just "rappelz_v1" open this file with your favorite text editor.

Find "GRAPHIC_WINMODE" and change it setting to =1 so to be "GRAPHIC_WINMODE=1", save and then exit and try to start the game again.

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